thoughts on AMD 64 Cpu?

i'm about to build myself a new computer, but i haven't been in 'the loop' about computer hardware in a while. I've been programming for the past 3 years and haven't done one pc-tech/hardware job, so i have a few questions about a lot of new technology.

- i was thinking about getting one of the new 64 bit cpus by AMD. I want to do mostly high end .Net programming and gaming. With the XP Os and games right now, will i be able to see a differenece in the performance now, or will i have to wait for a 64 bit OS (ie longhorn) to come out to see anything improve. (if that's the case, i'll just wait and by a 64 bit computer in a year or two).

- for the 200-300 dollar price range, what is a good video card? I want to do mostly gaming with the video card, but also some dvd-ripping.


It depends on how bad you need a computer right now. Yes you will notice an increase in speed with an AMD 64, look at benchmarks at various computer sites, it performs great (and look at the Overclocking HO's thread in this forum, apparently the mobile AMD XP's can overclock like CRAZY).

Anyways, it all depends on how bad you need a computer. Intel should be releasing its 64 bit processors soon...I can't remember when but if you do a little search I'm sure you'll find expected release dates. Once Intel jumps in on the 64 bit CPU market expect AMD and Intel to start to battle one another, a result of that will be faster CPUs and prices dropping. I know, I know, you can *always* say that if you wait the technology will get better and cheaper, cause that's what technology does. But I think with the first few jabs thrown at one another between the two companies new CPUs are coming to come out faster and prices are going to drop faster then they will once the two companies steady out.

Same thing with the graphics card, I haven't kept up with graphics cards but I believe the new Ati x800's or whatever they're called have started shipping (or htey will any day now) and the Nvidia cards have already started pre-orders on their next big graphics cards. As soon as they come out, prices are going to drop so you'll be able to pick up SWEET graphics cards for under $200. Probably not the latest versions, but you should be able to pick up some awesome Ati Radeon 9800's for undre $200 and not the ones you can pick up now but the more hardcore versions.

Either way do a little looking around and then judge for yourself if it's worth waiting. To me right now if I only had to wait a couple of months and I could get a better system for cheaper, I'd do it. But I don't feel the need to upgrade my computer right now...even though I REALLY want to upgrade it

I was going to build a system but the timing is not right atm. There are a few big leaps in technology that are just around the corner that are worth the wait. PCI express is one example(although noone really knows how they'll stack up against the current agp...but from my understanding agp has just about reached its limit regarding bandwidth). I'm also waiting for m$(microsoft) to release their new 64bit os to see what that brings. Also, sicko mentioned the new gpu's coming out and he's correct. If you wait a few weeks the current top cards will drop in price dramatically.

All this being can't really just wait for the next big thing forever as there is always something better JUST around the corner.

What is your current setup anyways? That may give us a better idea of whether you should upgrade (or what parts you should upgrade if possible) or not.

AMD 64 3800 is an awesome buy

look for my AMD vs Intel thread or AMD 64 thread, lots of good info there