Thoughts on boxers training MMA Fighters?


 If the boxer has a good grasp of the difference between sport boxing, and striking for MMA, then I say it should/could be a good thing.

If they're training them in the aspect of boxing/striking then there's nothing wrong with that. Hell, by looking at the "boxing" ability of a lot of MMA'ers they need to work a lot more with boxing trainers.

its a good thing. but there also needs to be a grappling and kickboxing coach.

above responses are incorrect. look @ diego training with de la hoya for example and how he declined after that

FightFan23 - The reason I say this is because there is no coach on the planet that can teach you the important fundamentals/details and eventual complexities of boxing, muay thai, bjj, and wrestling. Its impossible, but too many coaches are trying to teach mma to get paid.

I agree. There are too many guys training "just" MMA. And they lack the fundamentals of the individual areas.
But a coach can teach all the fundamentals of the various combative arts.

It depends how long he has been around. I started wrestling over 30 years ago. I started boxing in the Army and kickboxing in college and Judo and BJJ throughout my 30s and 40s. I'm almost 44 years old. It just depends. I'm sure Bas and Pat Miletich could too. So, it is possible, but only if the coach has been around, taught well and competed.

Thunderlips The Ultimate Male - Most MMA fighters are not willing to put themselves through the humiliation of training with good boxers.

Ridiculous. Any good fighter has already put themselves through the 'humiliation' of training with BJJ blackbelts, muay thai champs, even the varsity guy on the wrestling team when they were freshmen... That is not the athlete's mindset and I don't see any evidence of it from any MMA fighters of note.

Well it worked out for Arlovski. Wait....

I am getting ready for my first pro boxing match this month and I can tell you this , a good boxer will def break you down and make you feel like shit