Thoughts on Gun Laws

Now, I know this maybe the wrong place to ask this, but...

What is everyone's thoughts on gun/weapons laws where they live? What do you think about 'Assault Weapons' and 'Machinegun' bans, or the Waiting period for handguns? What are your thoughts the amount of trouble you have to go through to get a concealed permit?

Also, what do you think about the second amendment and what does it really mean, and is it viable and relevant today?

I'm just gonna start the conversation, I'll chime in later. For being a gun nut, I'm rather conflicted...

Honestly, most gun laws only prevent legal citizens from owning legal firearms. Full auto and silenced firearms are regulated federally, so states only regulate pistols, rifles and shotguns. Mandatory waiting periods are quite frankly, stupid. If a person passes a background check, or has a closed carry permit, they should be allowed to take the firearm home with them that day. That's how it is in Indiana. You = legal and pass check or have permit = you get gun that day.

Some people use the argument "well, if somebody is upset or angry and they get a gun that day, they might shoot somebody." That's just plain anti gun BS. Most gun stores wouldn't dream of selling a firearm to somebody who was enraged. Those that would, well, shouldn't have an FFL anyways. Plus, somebody so enraged that they are going to go to the trouble of buying a gun, are going to commit the crime if they have to wait or not.

The current system of background checks works, the only thing that could possibly be changed is including doctor-patient information for people with mental problems. Current doctor-patient confidentiality laws prohibit any documented information on individuals that might be suicidal. If somebody lies and checks "No" on the mentally defective or committed question could coneceivably pass the background check and get a firearm. This did happen at my store not to long ago, the person was actually put on delay, then approved 2 days later. Picked up the gun, went home and shot himself with it. In his case, the extra waiting period did not stop him from doing anything different.


concealed carry: I think every legal citizen, with the proper training, should be allowed to carry a firearm legally to protect themselves. Quite frankly, police officers do little for protecting people, they can't unless they learn to read criminals minds. It falls on each individual to protect themselves from a violent attack. In many cases, a firearm and proper training can make the difference between somebody being robbed, raped or murdered.

However, untrained people with firearms makes me a little nervous. I've lost count of how many guns have been pointed at me at the store I work in. Some were loaded, most weren't, and the closest I've ever gotten to being shot, was with a person's "unloaded" 1911. A lapse of basic firearm safety on the part of a customer had me looking down the barrel of a Springfield with a Hydrashock bullet looking back at me.

If it were mandatory for people to take, at the very least, a firearm safety course, there would be a lot less ignorance and misconceptions about firearms and a lot more people would be safer IMO.

As far as class 3 stuff, I think they should still be available as they are, but the gov't should regulate them as they currently do.

I could literally talk about gun laws for days, but for now I'll call it quits and wait for other people to chime in.

I think Skpotomus hit the nail on the head there. Few tidbits-

I know enough shady people that I'm pretty confident I could get a gun illegally. Its not that tough.

Waiting periods may keep someone from committing a crime of passion, but conversely they make prevent someone from defending against a crime of passion. If someone gets mad and says "I'm going to come back and kill you tonite" the waiting time isnt going to do anything but make you dead.

I like the idea of background checks prior to purchases those tese dont help to prevent the ever-increasing number of strawman purchases which help lead to more weapons on the streets.

For CCW, I think there should be mandated training courses a person has to go through prior to being approved to carry concelaed. Now I'm not looking for the person to come out of a course that an operator would be hard-pressed to pass, but the person should have a solid grasp of shooting mechanics, local carry laws, and completely understand the use of force continuim.

For Class 3 and other restricted weapons, I like the set-up how it is now to a degree. I, however, dont agree with how some sheriffs approve CLass 3 items and others flatly reject them.

"Waiting periods may keep someone from committing a crime of passion, but conversely they make prevent someone from defending against a crime of passion. If someone gets mad and says "I'm going to come back and kill you tonite" the waiting time isnt going to do anything but make you dead." - There are alot of others ways to defend yourself other than running out and buying a firearm. I certainy dont think running otu and buying a firarm each time you are scared is the best course of action. In my mind, it can lead to a new series of problems.

I think everyone has said the most salient arguements here, so I won't burden the rest down with repetition.

Although I would like to through in the fact that, I think, soon enough, we will begin to see more and more gun control laws like we have here in Chicago (which, thankfully, I live just outside of). Those who owned guns, NOT handguns, could legally renew their permits on them, yet could not buy new ones, and all handguns are lost. I don't think these kinds of laws will be hitting most states (especially the rogue, outlaw state of Indiana), yet places like Illinois, California, and New York will all probably have these in effect within the next few years, due to the high crime rates.

And we all know most crime is comminted with legally owned firearms...

PS- I also think it is good that in Illinois you must be 21 to purchase a handgun.

Ganesha, the 21 year age limit on handguns is a federal law, not state.

Illinois gun control laws are really, really bad. If they could put it through, your governor would outlaw firearms altogether and only the criminals would have them. Since Illinois doesn't have a closed carry permit, I assume you're talking about your FOID cards. Didn't your governor just try to raise the renewal fee on those to $500 but just barely didn't get it through?

LOL, I've never heard Indiana called rogue or outlaw before.... especially by a state that's crime rate is so much higher :oP

Seriously though, around where I live, shootings are usually rare and tied to home invasions, and in those cases, it's almost always the home owner shooting the burglar. In the past 8 or so years, I've only heard of 2 or 3 murders involving firearms. I think I'll stick with my rogue outlaw state instead of the civilized safe state of Chicago...err... Illinois :o)

My shooting buddy and i refer to Indiania as a rogue outlaw nation state because just about everything that is illegal here in illinois, is totally legal in Indiania.

Our expressways are littered with billboards telling us to skip right across the border to score illegal fireworks and full nude strip clubs.

Ps- Out gun laws do suck bad. And from what I know Blajovich isn't 100% anti-gun (not pro-gun, yet not anti-gun) but it is his master, the Wretched Richard M. Daley (Chicago mafia boss...errr..mayor) who is.

The gun laws in Georgia actually were a small ingredient in my decision to move here. I like having the option to carry (although I relatively rarely do) and I like to be able to buy without much hassle.

Same here Ryan, I travel into other states, even communist Maryland, so I cant always carry. I just moved to WV, I was in Nevada, carried everywhere, bought gunswhen I wanted.

I think it is an infringement on my rights. I will not vote for a polotician who votes for any kind of gun control

very tricky issue

while I am a firm believer in the RKBA, I think that the public would be much safer if some individuals (like John Allen Mohammad, Richard Ramirez, etc) did not own them...

kind of like arguing that everyone has a right to live while acknowledging some people should be put to death.

the 'assault weapon' bs has to go. I take a bolt action rifle that holds three cartridges and cut off the stock and it makes it an assault weapon? What kind of BS is that?

I am opposed to most current gun restrictions, even background checks are really just a feel good law, they are too easy to get around. Criminals (kind of by definition) will break the law. Notice how well outlawing drugs has worked. Free men have the right to arms, there is a cost, as there is for all freedoms.