Thoughts on Jeff George?

What are all of your thoughts on the Raiders signing Jeff George?

I mean, the guy has a cannon for an arm, but has never been able to show any consistency. Plus, he hasn't played for like 5 years.

Colts Reject...nuff said.

I think it's a great thing personally..I wonder what the Raider fans think of this?


It hurts!!!!!

The Raiders should have signed a kicker.

It makes me sick, but sometimes our great game comes down to some fruit-cake prancing on the field to kick the ball.


lol @ core..they should eliminate kicking from the nfl completely, they should just throw the ball from far distances through the uprights, it takes much more skill imho.

Kicking is for women imo

Jeff George vs. David Carr - Discuss...

Don't the Raiduhs have a first round kicker? Or is he in jail still?

He's no Troy Aikman!

do you post on the wrong forum because you are all trying to be amusing, didnt realise there was an NFL forum, or just didn't know there was a difference?

So the choices are:

A) Troll

B) Ignorant

C) Retarded

Which is it?

My bad Tony I seriously thought this was the real football forum.. why not name it the soccer ground? I am not trolling I think it's pretty easy to udnerstand that this is an easy mistake to make. If the mods can move this please

Yes...please move all of these soccer threads to the soccer ground.


my apologies to Mr Cartel. I thought you were all trolling. Its clear that you at least, were not.

Its not called Soccer because none of the people who frequent this part of the forum call it that. Its football, and has been called such since well before a certain other country came into being :-)

I apologize brother I just wasn't aware of the popularity of soccer to warrant a forum. Excuse my ignorance.

LOL @ soccer

Yeah I see that, but you also use your feet to travel the ball from point A to point B in football, you are footing the ball from one end of the field to another. They could change soccer to kickball or runball. I reckon this forum shall be changed to the kickball forum to avoid any confusion and confrontation within our online community.

Kickball is played by 3rd graders at recess. It takes a little bit of skill.

I vote for runball.

Whatever you decide on, it'll still be a better name than Protected Egg Chasing, which was the original point of this thread.