Thoughts on Karv Maga?

I have a co-worker asking me about Krav Maga. I know it's base on IDF tactics, but nothing more. Can anyone chime in?

I was going to suggest he look at BJJ/Muay Thai/MMA but the whole "killer art" thing has him worked up..

Any Krav Maga guys fight MMA or is it too deadly like Wing Chun?

Thoughts pro or con?

Newton trained under a Krav guy. Depends who it is.

krav maga is not suited to mma. It's "nonlethal" game is average to poor, depending upon the practicioner.

You will most likely be able to take any kravist and smack the shit out of him on the mat, providing you guys are sparring with rules. Krav is not the best thing for fights.

Krav IS useful for dealing with assaults. Please distinguish between a fight and an assault - Krav teaches you to hit fast and dirty (most of the defensive maneuvers end with a spear hand or a punch to the throat, or a double-thumbed eye gouge from the clinch)

Most drills at the krav classes i went to consisted of "ok, a man approaches you...check his arm then STRIKE THE THROAT!" aside from dealing with surprise and efficiency, krav is not a system for a good "fighter".

Because it focuses so much on tuning your reflexes to fight dirty at a seconds notice, its good for survival. However, its definitely not the thing you want if you're planning to square up against some guys in the ring with rules or preparation.

Lion is correct it all depends on the instructor and what real world experience is brought to class

I call bullshit. If a krav guy can't beat me with rules what makes you think he will be able to do it without? The rules protect us both! Eye boinks and throat chops will never take the place of a good athletic game.

I think uh and lion nailed it. But this must mark the 1000000th time this same topic has been posted. It is getting up there with BJJ vs. Judo and Rickson vs. whomever.

It's a franchised thing so totally depends on the instructor.

They used to run Krav Maga instructor seminars at my BJJ academy in London, I watched the tail end of a few and wasn't too impressed.

There's a lot of training 'deadly' techniques therefore they are trained with no contact, my Muay Thai instructor used to say if you train to miss, that's exactly what will happen.

They also seemed to spend quite a lot of time on weapon drills that are next to useless in my view.

Someone has a gun, they can have my wallet.

Thanks you guys. Any thing else? Anyone teach or is a student of Karv Maga?

i made the mistake of taking a krav maga class for about 3 months as a break from some of the filipino martial arts i did way back when

it does not emphasize conditioning, thus it does not make for a good athlete. However, in a pinch, a kravist might sneak a PATENTED KRAV PUNCH TO YOUR THROAT in before your guard is up. this is how you could potentially get tuned by a kravist. otherwise, you'll stomp on them as they attempt to poke your eyes.

Kali, even though its an old TMA has been a lot more useful to me. The simple weapons it emphasizes have saved my ass a few times. Stick skills DO transfer into bottle/table leg/pipe skills.

But otherwise, stick to MMA - its the most productive way to brawl.

In the dozens of MMA shows I've seen on tape that allowed throat strikes.I've never seen a successful strike to the throat.

the only time it supposedly works is when you're not ready for it...kravists tend to think they have mastery of seizing initiative before the fight actually starts.

I've never been punched in the throat by a kravist.

This must be why i'm still alive.



I took some Krav Maga and have also studied BJJ, boxing, and a host of TMA's. Although it has some decent moves. It lacks being alive. There is nothing like real sparring to get better at fighting. You need to get hit and hit back.

I do think that if you have fought on the street and have other aliveness training, it can't hurt to take it.

It also depends on who your instructor is and where he trained. There are alot of TKD schools and Kung FU schools in my area that all of a sudden are Krav Maga schools also.


THe big KM school near my mom's house has a full contact, basically, shootfighting practice class.

I doubt the fat yentas have to participate, but still.

Once again, I'll explain....

KM from an ex Israeli commando - probably good
KM from a bad ass street cop - probably not bad
KM (c) from a TKD teacher who took a weekend course sucks.


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