Thoughts on Matt Serra.

He seems like a geniune good guy to me. Glad he's the champ! What do you think of him as a person?

I have mixed feelings about him, I think if he likes you he can be a real nice guy, but if he doesn't he can be a real jerk.

The only person I've seen him talk bad about was Matt Hughes, and Matt Hughes is not liked by many.

With the Marc Laimon situation, you could argue Laimon had it coming.

he is from the LI, gotta like him.


he is from the LI, could you like him?

"MICKEY!,.................I'm comin' to get ya." Props to Serra-Longo! All dem guys.

Italian big mouth from shat about everyone. Typical....... He is a nice guy when the carera is rolling and hardly ever else. Watch your wallet and your woman, I am sure you'll like him fine.

Brian76 + 13 posts = ASSHOLE!!!

sends Tony and Joey to beat da shit out-o-Brian

ouch dude


I can't wait until he is beat unconscious.

never met him...

He seems like a nice guy. I'll like him a whole lot better if he beats