Thoughts on Max Lucado

I can't put my finger on it, but something about him really bugs me. Anybody care to help me figure out what it might be.

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I'll play on your thread if you go post on my Jesus' humor thread.

But one question: Who is Max Lucado?

Is it because he writes books that a first grader could understand and makes tons of money? And people read the books like they are the most unbelievable piece of Christian writings ever?

That is my impression of him and author Philip Yancey.

yeah thats part of it brado, but theres still something else.

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too flowery, too self conscious, too much.

Like he is writing so everyone will say "wow that has never been said so beautifully, so poetically, so elequently"

I write so people can hear what I have to say, not so they can love the way I say it. His stuff seems too pretty to be real.

the rev

I actually enjoy reading some of his stuff. I consider it inspirational. But, as some are already alluding to, his stuff is a bit like syrup. In small doses it's okay, but too much is too much.

His earlier works were better than the recent stuff IMHO, that is.


I havent read his stuff... but from most folks comments... people are upset because his books are easily understandable? I say thats great!

A great man awhile back said something like...
Love God above all things and Love your neighbor like yourself.

Pretty darn simple... pretty beautiful. People complicate things.

simplicity is not a problem with me.

His stuff is the literary equivelent of a guy wearing way too much polo cologne on an eleveator going to the 86th floor.

the rev


yours in Christ


Rev- that was hilarious!

It seems that Lucado writes in a way that makes people feel all warm and fuzzy inside for a little bit of time, but in reality there is nothing challenging that makes people evaluate their Christian walk and grow. It is just a temporary Christian self-help piece.


I've heard of Max Lucado but never really read any of his books.

I hear this same criticsm of Tim Lahaye.

Each person has their own ministry I guess. That is, each person has their own flock to whom they are responsible for. I assume that those who enjoy Max are the very ones to whom he is suppose to minister to.

I had to read one of his books a while ago. I can't remember exactly which one, though. There was something disturbing about these children not being too sad because their elderly friend was about to die and be with God. they immediately understood what was going on and think were happy for him. So am I just a stupid ass for crying when my grandfather died?!

No, sorry, Tim LaHaye is the man......


I agree with you about Tim Lahaye. I was just saying that the same criticism Max Lucado seem to get is also what Lahaye receives.

I have heard nothing but good things about Max Lucado's He Chose the Nails.