Thoughts on Mud Flood Theory (vid)


I watched one of his vids yesterday. Cannot stand the way he talks, but the info is really good.

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Dude sounds like a hypnotherapist. Feel like I shouldnt trust anything he says because of that.

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Dont understand why you have background music when you are telling a story…

So I’m relatively new to studying this subject. But the gist of what I’m taking away from everything is this:

-a recent reset happened in the 1800s via mud flood.

-some giant structures were still standing that we’re later inhabited by people. Our history says these people built these stone buildings, but at that time (due to population, materials available, transportation) others are saying it’s a physical impossibility in that timeline.

-all of the worlds fairs in the late 1800s to early 1900s being used to teach the world population a fake historical timeline.

-something about the abundance of boys homes and orphan trains at the time being used as re-education?

-also the abundance of insane asylums at the time in these giant castle style buildings. Possibly housing and re-educating anyone who spoke out?

What else am I missing?

It would align with the new Madrid activity of the same period.

Their are mud volcanos that are active on and off throughout our history, including now.