thoughts on my fight

Hi Everyone...

well, I finally had my first fight last week. I went in physically superior, and mentally very very calm, wasn't nervous. Dealt with my FEAR very well, the Blauer stuff worked great in that respect.

Here is where I need your help.

As soon as I stepped in the ring, everything started looking and feeling VERY surreal, and it amplified throughout the fight. I wasn't scared, just unsure of what I was doing, and basically, I forgot a lot of what I had trained! All things considered I did alright escaping 5 armbar attempts, but got caught on the 6th. I didn't tap, wasn't very pleased with myself..... so the ref stopped it.

My question is, what happened to me? All I remember thinking was "Things dont feel right", and I couldnt really mount an offence (but at least his face looks bad, i didnt get hit). I honestly wasnt doing anything really conciously, and felt that I wasnt concentrating.

Any tips will be helpful!


Great self-awarenss and observations Chad...this ablility will help you understand this quickly and you'll accelerate through these learning phases because you are not afraid to think and talk about it...

Think about how many people talk about fighting on the forums but how often do we hear them talk about 'surreal' 'disappointed' ' things dont feel rights' and so on.

In a nut-shell, all you experienced was the culmulative effects of the adrenal surge... the surreal effect was that of your mind trying to evaluate the new feeling while your body was trying to fight, neuromuscularly, this is likely one of the reasons why you 'didnt mount an offense' because of the sensorary overload, your curiosity etc distracted you on the most subsonscious levels. In a fight, you need to be so Zen abut what you must do. But this is new for you and that is one of the reasons for these feelings.

MOst people cant articulate them so youre ahead of the game, the trick is to know that this is what happens (a Matrix like moment) and go with it and focus on what you must.

A lot of it dissipates as you compete more & more.



Thanks for the compliments Tony, I try to know myself first and foremost.

Wow, when I read what you wrote tony, and look back and analyze more, I can see how my mind was confused since it was taking in so much auditorily (is that a word?), and visually that it was hard pressed to go forward physically. The "curiosity" point is VERY true.

I can see how if I focus in that state I'd be very effective.

I remember only being able to hear my corner in very small pieces (for example he told me to keep my head tight about 12 times, I heard twice, but did respond when I heard).

Thanks for the help, I will continue to compete and observe and look back. Constant learning.

Also, by Zen what do you mean?


Chad Hamzeh