Thoughts on newly promoted blue belts giving speeches?

  • Inspiring to hear their unique journey and hardship to get something difficult
  • Wait until black belt to be giving your speech

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Been seeing a trend of people getting promoted to blue belt, everyone claps, then out of nowhere they start giving a speech about it.


We usually rent out a small, local banquet hall, have it catered, set up a podium with a microphone and proper stage lighting. We invite families, friends and local dignitaries to attend.

Then we offer uninterrupted time for people getting their 1st stripe to reflect on their white belt journey, so far.

Afterwards we have a professionally shot & edited DVD of the event available.


I used to have a friend that turned into a douche bag when he got his blue belt.

He became insufferable when he got his purple. Apparently that bestows immense amounts of knowledge about everything, even outside of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, on the awardee.


What fucking blue belt is giving a speech? Never heard of this in my life lol


Uhm no

Ita starting to happe with these new white belt man I’m telling you. Never seen it in 10 years and seen it like 3 times in the past year

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It’s related to BJJ getting bigger and attracting a greater swarth of the general public.

For a lot of folks it’s the most difficult they’ve ever done. Think about it. How many people stick with something for 1-2 years. Especially something as physically demanding?

It’s cringey but not surprising.


As society is getting gayer & gayer, well, everything else is too.


Sometimes my professor makes a kid make a speech after getting a stripe on their white belt. It’s always fucking hilarious.


Hate that gen z kids are making bjj gay. I just want to take men down and dominate them like an alpha male.


Belts are kinda lame


Damn that’s the hottest thing I’ve read on the UG in awhile :hot_face:

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When I was a white belt in '97 I saw my fist BJJ black belt promotion.

The guy leading the warm ups was a 4-stripe brown belt who had moved to the U.S. from Brazil the year before. He was part of the same team (Carlson) .

It was a normal Tuesday class, we were doing jumping jacks to start the warm-up.

My teacher & Carlson Gracie, Jr. interrupted and said, (paraphrase) “Hey we decided this guy more than deserves to be promoted. He’s a great guy, very technical. Already taught at his own class in Brazil. This is from us and also from, Marcelo --his other teacher from Brazil.”

Quick hugs.

–Back to Jumping Jacks.

It took about 1 minute, 90 seconds, max. No speech.


I just got to cry a little(not really) while laughing and while running the gauntlet and getting whipped with belts.

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