thoughts on Pride bushidoIII

well all in all it was a good event. I was happy that it was only $19 dollars for it too.
I was a little disappointed at the newton fight though, I thought that he was more active and was more aggressive in the fight, his opponent either clung on or keep a closed guard, he did "try" for submissions, but I didn't think that he did anything to win the fight.
And what was up with ryan gracie, did he eat one to many happy meals. my god his gut was huge. He started off well striking on the ground and stay active, but then he gassed and boy did he gas.The "punk" was able to take him down and pound very very well against him. and after being pulled back to the middle over 3x he was able to easy manever ryan into the corner and pound away at him..I think ryan was very very luck to have gotten the judges nod in this fight.
And Cro cop, when he could put his guy away quickly , what did he do. he made believe that he was hitting a heavy bag and kicking a soccer ball...I give credit to his opponent for taking all that punishment and being able to remain standing(barely) when it was over.
I can't wait for the next event to happen and to see who will be on the next card....

jeeze, no feed back...

i liked it as well, crocop looked sluggish....and his opponent through some good power kicks of his own. ryan "disgracie" is a punk, minowa should have gotten the nod here....ryan was outclassed. ricardo and chonon was a great fight as well.

they need more foriegn fighters Now nothing against Japanese fighters but every fight had one in it

Consensus is -

- Newton and Minowa were robbed.
- Cro Cop looked sloppy.

Kanehara comes up with 30 fights on the FCF database, but he is a RINGS guy, a Korean who has worked HARD his whole life in Japan, and absorbs TONS of punishment. I am sure he has tons more fights than 30.

What is hard to figure out is did Cro Cop come down another notch?

Also, when was the GP? Wasnt the CRO COP KO a 60 day suspension type KO in Nevada or stuff like that? Maybe he was sluggish because he should not have been fighting.

That was the worst Pride event ever!

I don't think that the 90day ko rule goes in pride, but i might be wrong..

Not the greatest event, but worth supporting for 20 bucks.

You never know how a fight is going to go.

Consensus was NOT that Minowa was robbed. Ryan is clearly a better fighter. He was just grossly out of shape. The fight would not have gone to a decision if he had taken the fight more seriously (and actually trained for it).

Overall it was a good event. I was surprised by a
couple of the calls. It was well worth the $20 that
I paid for it. Pride is still better than the UFC
is. Better rules and fighters.

"Ryan is clearly a better fighter."

He's clearly a BIGGER fighter, at least. To have your opponent's back for almost 10 straight minutes, with your hooks in, and not be able to do anything isn't the mark of a great fighter, in my opinion.

On thing I didn't like about the Minowa Ryan fight was using the ring post to GnP. Ryan's head was always half on the post and half on the rope, seemed like they should have restarted immediately in the center. I think Ryan won, a rematch would be ok if Ryan was in shape. If he won't come to fight in shape they should not bring Ryan back.