Thoughts on single rep work sets

2nd attempt to post this.

I was wondering what people on here thought about using single rep work sets for strength AND size gains.

I know there are a lot of low vol/high intensity advocates on here like Jeremy, Vermonter and Leigh and wanted to know their thoughts

For example today I did Deadlifts and did 5 reps at about 75% (of 1rm), 3 reps at 81% and then 4 single rep sets at 88/91/93/97.

Did the same for bench and then 3 sets of pullups.

It felt pretty good and to be honest some of that was psychological about lifting near my max I think but I wondered if you guys had some experience of it/does it work/not enough etc


Would probably depend on the rest periods but I still think it's not the best solution for strength and mass gains (time under tension is important).

Why not just use a proven method like heavy lifts followed by a backoff set?