Thoughts on the AL MVP

since there is no real discussion over who should be the NL MVP i am curious as to who you think should be the AL MVP and why...

the MVP will come from one of the following people: Sheffield, Vlad, Manny, David Ortiz, Tejada, Santana, joe nathan or Rivera...

Manny & Ortiz cancel eachother out on the sox, so they are out...

tejada is most deserving. given the production of his team his numbers are just awesome, but since they are bad he wont even come close

Sheffield has been the sexy guy to talk about, but i really dont see how his contribution to the yanks is in any way the most important...his production numbers are almost exactly the same as vlad guerrero's, (116 runs - 119 rbi - 35hrs for sheff & 114 runs - 115 rbi - 33hrs for vlad) and he is on a stronger offensive team with matsui, jeter and arod hitting around i count him out

vlad is more deserving than sheffield, given the injuries to key guys (ie glaus, anderson & erstad), but unless anaheim makes the playoffs he wont even come close

joe nathan doesnt have enough saves, but his k/9 ratio is awesome as is his era

rivera has been the most important part of the yankees team, with quantrill falling off they have bullpen of 2 guys, Rivera & Gordon...51 saves and counting...

but the award goes to santana - every few years a pitcher has a year that is so far ahead of the curve that no one is even close to being that value, ie pedro in 99, etc...santana leads the league in era, oba, oslg%, oobp, strikeouts and is close in innings pitched...if he wins against NY this week he will have sealed the MVP award in my mind

He sealed it a couple weeks ago in mine. Without Sheffield, the Yankees are still a team filled with All-Stars, and they've won titles with Shane Spencer in right. You can't convince me they'd be that much worse off with another guy in right field. Vlad had a great year, and deserves consideration IMO. Manny and Ortiz cancel each other out, I agree.

But Santana is the MVP for three reasons.

The three things to consider are these: July 11, June 3, and May 23. Those dates represent the last time the Twins lost when he took the ball, the last time he gave up more than 3 Earned Runs in an outing, and the last time he failed to strike out at least 6 batters, respectively. In his last two losses, he gave up 2 runs in each start, struck out 11 and 12, and the Twins scored 1 run total in support of him. So his losses since the beginning of June haven't been bad starts either. In his 24th start on Aug.7, he went 6-1/3 and gave up 3 runs-----the first time since late May his ERA had gone UP after a start. He is the American Leagues' most dominating player this year. Without his play this year, are the Twins in first place? Are they in the playoff hunt at all? The answer to each question is probably "not likely".

Laugh all you want, he's having a better year than Clemens did when he won in '86. Or Eckersley.

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if his team wasnt 29 games back, maybe

I can't see Santana getting it.

He's in what the media considers the weakest division in baseball. And pitchers never really get serious consideration unless they are overwhelimingly dominant.

Remember, when Eck was MVP, there really was no such thing as a stopper in baseball, and bullpens weren't as specialized as they are now.

I wouldn't mind seeing Ichiro get it if he breaks the hits record, but the Mariners being so horrid won't help him.

I think it should be Vlad. Anaheim is a team in contention, and Vlad has great numbers.

Tejada has the numbers, but not the team.

Most likely it will be Sheffield.

pat, i agree, but i dont see what justifies sheffield...and all the media blitz for him...

he is on a team with how many all-stars? im still guessing that NY would be in first if he wasnt on the team

You can make a case that Sheffield is not the Most Valuable Player on his own team. You could make a VERY good case that Sheffield is not the Most Valuable Player in his own Division.

You say pitchers never get consideration unless they are overwhelmingly dominant, which is EXACTLY what Santana has been this season.

Without Vlad, the Angles are likely not in the hunt for a playoff spot. Without Ramirez or Ortiz, the Red Sox are borderline Wild Card contenders, IMO. Without Sheffield, the Yankees still have a handful of All-Stars, former MVP's, and Hall of Famers. They do not miss the playoffs without him, I'm sorry. Without Ichiro, the Mariners are 40 games back, not 30. Without Santana, the Twins almost certainly do not win the division, and do not contend for a WC spot. He has come up big time and time again for that team, period.

here is why vlad is so important to the angels as compared to sheffield

Production of Total Team runs(production= runs + rbi -hr)

Vlad 24.8% of team runs

Guillen 20.8%

Erstad 16.7%

Figgins 16.4%


Sheff 22.7%

Matsui 20.4%

ARod 20.3%

Jeter 18.3 %

Bernie 17%

also keep in mind that the yanks have produced 80+ more runs than the angels, cause the angels offense isnt as good as a whole....

also looking at the big 3 around vlad, they have a total of 1164 plate appearances whereas the big 3 around sheff have a total of 1992 PAs

as for santana, he is having the best 2nd half in baseball history...if he dominates the yanks on Wed night, then he is the MVP

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MVP is not MV to TEAM!!!

MVP is the best baseball player in the league!

and ICHIRO is easily the best playe rin the AMerican LEague this season

MVP is most surely about the most valuable player to his teams success - definition of the award

"1. Most Valuable Player Award (n)

an award given to a player in each league by the Baseball Writers Association of America for overall contribution to a team's success."