Thoughts on the Cardella vs Ratcliff WEC Fight

I think this is an interesting match up. Ratcliff definitely has the stand up edge but Cardella's ground game is for real. Can anyone give an obivous edge to one guy or the other?

 I had a chance to corner Phil at Shark Fights in Lubbock Tx....he is the real deal and wil win ...probly by pulling guard!

Didn't Cardella win the fight against Rafael Dias from the bottom the whole fight? If his wrestling is that weak, he might have a serious problem.

I plan to watch some tape before this fight happens.

 Cardella is one of the rare BJJ guys who has a good enough game to win from the bottom and not be threatened by a strong wrestler

 Cardella will submit him in one minute. Another loss for Ratcliff against Texas fighters.

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