Thoughts on the Joe Vs. Antonio

Fight last night in Hollywood? I think it should have, at the VERY LEAST, BEEN A DRAW.

It was in Hollywood, CA.

Since i cornered Antonio last night...
Antonio got the decision because Joe
(who was tough and fought great fight)
was not able stop Antonios shot, lift
and slams nor was he able to stop the
ground and pound tactics of Antonio
and at no point in the fight was Joe
able mount an offense.
Antonio most deff. deserves his U.F.C.
, Shooto ,Pride,Pancrase shot and is
unstoppable in that weight class.

Antonio is a great wrestler and is a VERY strong guy. How has the rest of his skills developed?

Hey Ahmad. I am friends with David Tice and Herb Dean (Brian and Team Freedom too) as well bro. I was just passing on what Grappler said about the fight. He even said Antonio gave back the belt and made a verbal offer to let him fight in the UFC FOR FREE!

Also, Ahmad, do you really think he CANNOT be beat at 155????? Yves, Josh, Hermes, Uno, man, that div is DEEP. I do NOT think he can beat ANY of the names I just mentioned (IMHO). Peace....

where are the results for this event?