Thoughts on this match up

Wait for it

CM punk vs


Both have no pro fights , both have a lot of training under their belts -
I actually think they match up quite well but I would still have joe by tko / Ko
Seen a few vids of him heavy bag training and he has some vicious kicks

Maybe it could be held at middleweight - who knows

Apologies if this hypothetical matchup has already been put out there- I ain't seen it Phone Post 3.0

Welcome to the conversation buddy Phone Post 3.0

Joe's openly on more PEDs than the entire roster hahaha Phone Post 3.0

Dude I think your the first one to think of this. Phone Post 3.0

mind explosion

Awesome idea....... NOT Phone Post 3.0

They already fought bro. Can't believe you missed it.

No sure if being trolled ..... Phone Post 3.0

Mayhem_Monkey - No sure if being trolled ..... Phone Post 3.0
Nope Phone Post 3.0