Thoughts on Vitor's Out of Range Hematocrit?

Hi everyone, I didn't notice this being discussed in the original Vitor drug thread, and I just read an interesting BE article pointing this out...

But it seems Vitor released further test results and a May 29th test shows his testosterone levels dropping to 142 from 1480, and all the non-Testosterone values being blacked out. What's interesting is his Hematocrit (basically a red blood cell % by volume count) was in the out-of-range column.




Note that the out-of-range column could mean low values as well as high so for Vitor's T to have dropped so dramatically in the months following his February 7th test (1400sh to 140ish), there could've been complications lowering his count. Still pretty interesting and the actual pdf of the tests is available on the link above.



Here are some excerpts:


"Last week saw Vitor Belfort release the results of not only his February 7 random drug test (a test which led to his withdrawal from his UFC middleweight title bout), but also several other tests that Belfort took in the months following.

The first thing that likely jumps out to the observer is Vitor going from a testosterone level of 1472ng/dL on Feb 7, which is a very high number, to 142ng/dL on May 29, a very low number. However, the most intriguing number in the pages and pages of test results may be one that was blacked out by the Belfort camp.

The May 15 test (page 14 of the PDF) shows all levels but the testosterone level blacked out. The hematocrit level was one of the levels blacked out. However, they only blacked out the number, not the entire section, meaning that you can see that the level was listed in the "out of range" column.

Hematocrit tests the amount of red blood cells in a plasma sample. A low result would indicate anemia, a high result could be indicative of steroid use or blood doping."


"Higher amounts of red blood cells (and higher hematocrit percentages), are associated in the PED world with everything from HGH to anabolic steroids to forms of blood doping--along with more "natural" causes such as congenital heart disease, significant dehydration..etc.

Victor Conte, the controversial former BALCO head turned anti-doping advocate, has stressed in the past just how severely steroids can increase hematocrit levels while discussing the fact that steroids can be beneficial to an athlete's endurance as well as strength, "As you know, steroids can increase red blood cell production and significantly increase Hematrocit levels. This has been the case with many professional bodybuilders that I've worked with. I've seen Hematocrit levels between 54% & 59% in bodybuilders that were not using EPO. So, steroids can help a fighter's endurance by increasing their Hematocrit levels."

It is entirely possible that, given his low testosterone number of 165ng/dL, Belfort's hematocrit levels were out of range on the low side as opposed to the high. Anti-doping experts who spoke to Bloody Elbow suggested that no one number (not even low testosterone levels) are clear statements of a fighter being clean or dirty, especially if there are not full panel tests which include hGH testing as well as CIR and IRMS testing."


So ya, in no way can we say the later tests show doping yet, but it'll be very interesting if he was doping. I'd expect the new NSAC chairman to make an example of him. Curious what everyone here thinks of it, and if it's jumping the gun to speculate.  I purposely tried to avoid a dickish, incendiary or misleading title so I hope ppl don't get too butthurt.

Hard to imagine testosterone is all he's taking. Phone Post 3.0