Thoughts/prayers for Sean McCorkle, his dad passed

Per his FB.

His father passed unexpectedly in his sleep Monday morning. Jokes aside Corky is a rad dude and anyone that's lost one or both of their parents knows what a difficult time he is going thru. Sending positives thoughts and prayers his way.

From Sean-

I didn't really want to announce this publicly, because I'm kind of a private person, believe it or not, and also because I didn't want it to seem like some sort of ridiculous cry for attention. But so many people are asking me what happened, I feel like it will be much easier to just address it this way.

My dad died in his sleep early Monday morning. And although he wasn't in the greatest of health, nothing he had was life threatening, and this certainly wasn't anything that we expected.

I want to say thanks everyone who has reached out to me, and my family. If I haven't responded yet, please don't take it personally. It isn't intentional, and it's been an long day.

And if you're waiting for a punchline, I'm sorry. Not this time.

That sucks. Prayers for Sean and his family.

Thoughts are with Sean

My condolences big guy.

Fuck sorry to hear that Sean. RIP Mr McCorkle

RIP to your father Mccorkle

RIP to Big Sexy Senior... Sean's a good dude so positive vibes being sent. 


Sorry to hear, Big Sexy.  Condolences

Sorry to hear. RIP.

RIP Big Sexy Snr



Sorry for you loss Sean


Sorry for you loss

Sorry big guy, prayers are with you 

Sorry to hear that Corky, take it easy mate. Thoughts and prays to you and yours.

Sorry  for your loss 

Well, I didn't expect to see this when I got on here this morning.

The fact that anyvody would even care enough to make a post like this, and the fact that you guys would even comment on it, really means a lot to me believe it or not.

I know that 99% of the time I come off like the most arrogant douche of all time. And believe it or not, that always was, and still is, by design. Many of you probably don't know the origins of my whole online persona, but it's nothing like how I actually am in person.

It's all always supposed to be funny, even when it's not. I absolutely hate hurting people's feelings, and have always been shocked at how badly so many people I don't know want to try to hurt mine. But regardless, I love you bastards on here.

The funniest things I've ever read in my life have been on the UG, and were just random responses to something someone said.

My dad was an awesome guy. Crazy as hell as he got older, but still awesome. And believe it or not, his favorite part of me being in the UFC, was getting on the UG, and reading the shit talking about me that would go on before and after fights. He knew that I was trolling everyone, almost all the time, and got the biggest kick out of seeing the reactions and responses on here. Especially when someone got me with a good one, or vice versa.

"I know that 99% of the time I come off like the most arrogant douche of all time"

True, but you are our douche. Sorry for your loss.

Sorry to hear that Sean. Best wishes man.