Three black belts now

I didn't know Sean Bansfield got promoted to black belt by Saulo this year. Good for him. So in less than two years this state gained three BB's, whereas before there were none.

Ryan Fiorenzi (East/West), Harvy Berman (warrior way) & Sean (Focus JJ). Congrats all around!!

I suspect there's a handful of Brown belts that will be moving up soon too, good luck to those guys.

My guesses, just for the hell of it: Don Richards, Brian Harper & Angelo Popofski. Montese Peterson, Clint Crabtree. Anyone else care to add some names?



Chris Malgeri from Martial Arts Unlimited has his brown, though I dont know the timeline for getting his black.

Congradulations to the new black belts!

Isn't Birchfield a brown as well?

And Dave Gomez

I've never heard of Chris Malgeri or that school so I apologize.

I didn't add Dave since I thought he was still out of state.

Wasnt Sean the 1st in MI to get his? I know Harvey recently got his...

"I've never heard of Chris Malgeri or that school so I apologize."

No worries, haha. He is affiliated with Marcello Monteiro / De La Riva.

I think Ryan was the first in Michigan to get black.

Don't forget Brandon Fracassi. He is a highly-talented and very technical Brown belt at Warrior Way.

Warrior Way alone will soon have five Black Belts. Best place in Michigan IMHO.

I know of Warrior Way and East/West, but never Focus JJ. Does anyone have a website so I could check them out? I wish I lived closer to WW or E/W, I'd definitely stop in.

Pretty sure Ryan was the first BB here in Michigan.

Website for focus is:

Yes he was the first in michigan. Very good instructor. Very good gym to train at aswell.

maddog, we know, we know, jeez... could that be because that's where YOU train??

Maybe I'm a little biased. But...

WW will soon have 4 black belts teaching, fighting and competing out of
the school. The benefit to our students is that each of the (soon to be)
BB's are strong
in dfferent areas and have different games. We may not have been the
first, but....maybe I'm a little bit biased ;)

I've met some of the guys from WW. They are good guys. If I could afford it I would train at both schools.

I used to train with Chris when Marcello was here, good to know he's still going. Somebody tell him I said hey.


We need a black belt in the U.P.

Gubbs, there's only like 15 people up there anyway!!