Three Months is a Long Time, Art.

You know something, Art V, the one thing we both agree upon, dude, is that there are only a few sunsets left, man, and only a few sun rises. Me and all of my little Circlemaniacs predict that this will be the last sunset for Art V, brother.

Physically, I'm ready for the challenge. You're the biggest dude in the whole PWF, man. 01/01/01 join date. 62000 posts. But a wise man once said, brother, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, dude, and billions of screaming Circlemaniacs is the most powerful force in the universe, man. Spiritually, I just had to be sure, brother, so I went back to my roots, dude. And as I hung on to the ape hangers, brother, on my wide glide Harley Davidson,  I turned toward the sand, dude, of Venice Beach California, and as I rode toward the sands, I headed for the Pacific Ocean, and as I hit the water on the wide glide, brother, I buried the tire. I buried the front fork until the Harley puttered to a stop. Then on the solo seat, I leaned back. And as I looked up, I saw Captain Lou Albano in Heaven, dude, and I screamed "WHAT IS THE DESTINY OF CIRCLEMANIA, BROTHER?" And he said "Squarester, you were born to rule. Circlemania will never die!"

Art V, once I heard that, brother, that's all I needed.  I'm taking your belt, dude. As far as your darkness goes, brother, in the light of the training, the prayers, and the vitamins, it's like oil and water, dude. It will never mix. My people will never follow you. But once I beat you in the center of the ring, brother, you will then become the ultimate Circlemaniac and be on my side, dude.

So whatchagonnado, brother, when CIRCLEMANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU?

sans lubricant -  Great promo but Art has been suspended (frozen) for company policy violations. Should there be a tournament for the strap?

No surprise, brother.  Every time I try to face the dude, he cuts and runs to another territory.  Probably working mid south now under a mask.

I believe it, dude.  Art's what they call a garbage wrestler, man.  I've never seen him win a match without thumbtacks and light tubes, brother.

ArtV -  So you wait until my account is frozen to drop a challenge?  Also, I have no idea why I was frozen either.  Not sure how sans knew.

As far as the challenge I accept under my terms. 

Tell me what your rules are, dude, and I'll play by them.  Circlemania is the most powerful force in the world, brother. 

Are we talking coal miner's glove on a pole?

Everybody knows, Art V, that you're afraid of caskets, snakes, and spiders like every big heel, dude. 

Last night, brother, after the lights went down, after I finished my training, my prayers, and my vitamins, I lifted up that ring apron, dude, I lifted it high over my head and I crawled under that six sided pit of death, that hexed circle, brother.  I crawled down there, dude, among the ladders, the tables, the garbage cans, the sledgehammers, brother, and all of the stuff the crew stores down there during the match since there's no room for it in the back, man, and I felt I wasn't alone, dude.  I heard the voice of Captain Lou, and Lou said to me "Squarester, look around you, dude."  Well, I looked around me, man, and I saw billions of spiders, dude, and they were all Circlemaniacs, brother.

WHATCHAGONNADO when billions of spiders crawl all over you?

 go artv!!!!!


Wow, this just turned into a squash match when Squared Circle posted that video.

 ArtV = the fat broad in the pink that falls down at 0:52 in the video, dudes.


Detroit it is, dude. 

Lets get 93000 screaming Circlemaniacs into that Silverdome, brother.

ArtV -  The Silverdome is not in Detroit.

You fly out here and we have a casket match in the streets!

Close enough, brother.  When I pick up 900 pounds of ArtV over my head and I slam you to the earth with all the power of Circlemania, dude, you might land anywhere between Pontiac and Detroit, man.  Then you'll probably die shortly after. RIP, dude.

Casket match? No problem, dude.  Caskets, spiders, snakes.  Lets do this thing on Halloween Night, brother, to show you that the Squarester fears nothing.  Bring the whole Dungeon of Doom and Natural Selection, man, cause Circlemania will prevail.

I'll pull up on my wide glide, brother.  It will look like I'm alone, but I never really am.

I'm flexing right now, dude.


Circlemania's running wild, dude.  And on Halloween night in Detroit, when I crawl out from under that hexagonal ring, brother, and I put you in that casket full of spiders and snakes, man, and I jump out of the ring so the ref can count me out to victory if I undertand the rules correctly, dude, then you'll  feel the unstoppable force.

 just leave art alone


ArtV -  I am not even sure that is you in that video.  How do I know that you didn't just post a Hulk Hogan vid?

You are acting a lot like him too.

Also I am having an oval ring constructed for the event which will take place in Heart Plaza.  I won't be doing anything tricky though. 

Trust me.........

When two dudes do the same training, take the same vitamins, and pray for the same stuff, then those dudes are going to end up pretty similar, brother.

An oval ring?  No problem, man. Some of the Squarester's best Circlemaniacs are ovals, but ArtV, dude, all of your fans are squares.

shootfightermike, you're backing the wrong horse, man.  There's still a chance to redeem yourself and become the Circlemaniac you know you want to be.

Otherwise, WHATCHAGONNADO when ArtV kicks you through a plate glass window on The Barbershop, dude?




No way, bro.  That's what imposters look like. 

I'm the real deal, dude.