Throwing a fight

maybe I am unclear on what exactly "throwing a fight means", but to me throwing a fight means you are going into the fight with the intention of losing.

There is a lot of talk about Oscar throwing the Hopkins fight. I'll admit, the body shot didn't look all that impressive, but I like many of you have sparred many rounds in my life and have taken body shots and we all know that even the hardest shots can sometimes take the wind right out of you.

Only Oscar really knows how bad the shot was and whether he was able to continue or not, but maybe Oscar knew he was starting to get punished and wasn't really able to hurt Bernard like he trained to and didn't want to go through 3 more rounds of it so he stayed down. I don't consider that "throwing a fight". He tried to win that fight and had no intention of losing

Trisatr That's exactly the way I saw the fight.

it could just as easily been a really good bodyshot. only DLH knows