Thrown on a$$, now butt hurts...

About a month ago I was doing takedowns, and my partner launched me with a very good throw. I was flipped all the way upside down and landed right on my right butt-cheek. After that, I've had a nagging pain in deep in my hip, under my rigth butt cheek. I can't tell if it's muscle or joint/bone. It'll be ok for a few days and then when I train it will flair up again. It sort of limits my movement in certain postions. Like being stacked is painful, and I lose strength in my triangle if the person starts to struggle and stack to pass...besides the obvious gay jokes, any ideas on what could be wrong?

Maybe it wouldnt hurt to have x - ray, to see nothing was damaged, in the hip. Other than that, maybe anti - inflammatories?? Good Luck!!

get a deep tissue massage and then see a chiropracter, drink water

You should see if you have an injury (or bruising,
trauma ect) to your sciatic nerve root.

My old grappling coach suffered bouts of sciatica
for many years. Some days he was fine and would
tear up the mat like a maniac - other days he would
be in so much pain that he could barely move and
we would literally have to help him in an out of his
car, up stairs, he even said that his gi pants would
hurt him when rubbing on his legs. ect

Often pain would radiate right down the back of his
leg from his butt cheek. He also experienced the
loss of "power" during some grappling moves.

do a search on google - there is a lot of stuff out
there on symptoms and treatments.

hope this helps

Mr S.

Can i please make one obvious gay joke. It is killing me not to.

LOL @ howardo...I'm surprised...It's been 5 posts and not one yet. But, go ahead, I'll let you :)

Thanks Mr. S- The pain has been 'localized' to only my butt area *God, that sounds terrible* It doesn't radiate or shoot down my leg yet, but the loss of strength is the biggest thing. I will definitly look into the sciatica issue...Thanks!