Throws 7 snap kicks in a row

*looks smugly at other members of the kickboxing board*

then you are only one lame snap kick away from making your kick count and winning an American rules round :)


Maybe your problem is that you aren't "aiming" deep enough. yeah that's the key to true internal power.

*drops into horse stance*

*Fires off 10 reverse punches at Bull*


stick a finger out in front of you, sit in a horse stance and breath deep, after 10 years you can blow up a chicken at 10 yards with your chi blast

you know Ross, if you hit that chicken with the ball of the foot as opposed to the shin, it would explode faster..

yeah, but if I didn't actually hit it at all and just used my CHI POWER, it would die instantly

*throws snap roundhouse at Bull w/ ball of foot*

*hides behind J Wo*

wow.. he's good.

How long do I have to practice forms before I'm able to defy all logic and science and manipulate mystical chi energy and project it towards someone?

When you can snatch the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to go, Bullhopper.

hey! hey! that's not a pebble, and that's not my hand!

sorry about that..

I was AIMING at something else.

No using your Sacred Chi powers for Porn or prostate exams!