Throws For Kickboxing Seminar 3/14

Interested in learning some throws to add to your kickboxing, etc. arsenal?

USA Olympic Judo Team hopeful, Josh Resnick, will be teaching just that at a seminar held at the Metro Fight Club this Sunday, March 14th, 1 p.m.

Big ass pick-up style throws, very dynamic.

METRO FIGHT CLUB, 740 Packard (300 ft. east of State St.) Ann Arbor, MI 48104, basement of JACK'S HARDWARE, use the rear entrance, go down the steps to the dojo.

$25. Wear socks, or wrestling shoes, or go barefoot. Bring a gi or a sweatshirt and come dressed to go.

Info on Josh:

I'll be there!


Can a skinny little whimp with zero skill attend?

Yuki, Hell yeah I'm going to be there!