Thug delivers soccer kick to KOd guy

Apparently there was basically a riot at this event?

Shocking footage shows 25 tanked-up louts throwing punches after a bar brawl spilled on to the concourse.

One thug is even seeing taking a run-up before booting another man in the head as he lies unconscious on the ground.

Six men were left needing medical treatment after the fight at Goodwood Racecourse in Chichester, West Sussex, on Saturday afternoon.

Eyewitness Kevin Hill Tweeted: "The problem is racing starts around 2ish, these teams of guys are entering the racecourse well oiled…

“Some guy pushing in at the bar, absolutely sloshed, being abusive, to be fair the bar man refused to serve him, warned him of ejection.”

Another Twitter user added: "Come racing, say racecourses. Wear suit & tie. Booze all day long. We’ll not stop you.

“Warning, this video contains violent scenes. Type seen at football matches in the 70’s. Now at a racecourse near you.”

A third said: “That was sickening to watch. It’s not over exaggerating to say we almost witnessed someone dying there.”

A spokesman for Goodwood said: "Goodwood Racecourse was informed of a disturbance during the afternoon’s racing. The incident was dealt with by on-event security and Sussex Police were notified as a precaution.

head by ball

"On-event medical staff treated six people and the Racecourse is supporting Sussex Police with its on-going enquiries.

“Goodwood Racecourse wishes to apologise to any racegoer who was affected by this incident.”

Local cops were called to the brawl but made no arrests.

What a bunch of well dressed animals. Preppies of peace