Thumb injury+HELP

I injured my thumb 3 weeks ago. I was trying to sweep a guy and ended up having my thumb snap straight back. My instructor put it back in place. I went to the doctor and he stated it was "game keepers thumb" or "skiers thumb". He told me to wait 3 weeks and if it is not better I will have to get an MRI. The problem is that I cant roll now. My thumb has mobility but no strenth, if I pull it back it hurts. I am wondering if this has happened to anyone and if there is some type of glove or splint I can wear so I can continue to lightly roll. I just want to protect it from further injury and still be able to train. Thanks for any help provided.

I had a bad thumb injury about 2yrs ago. It took me a 1.5yrs to recover. I bent it backwards so hard that my palm turned brown from internal bleeding. (ouch!)

I found a way of taping my thumb that had me back rolling in 5days. Buy some hockey tape and shave the hair off you wrist (it's gonna get ripped out anyways). Tape around your wrist, then across the back of your hand and then loop around the thumb. Repeat this a whole bunch of times and you will have immobilized your thumb.

Thanks for your help Not Lettuce. I will try that. I ordered a Spica brace I found on line and hopefully it will be durable. I imagine I can tape the Spica up as well for more protection.

And the way i saw him tear through a few months back i'd guess it's a good bet that it will work ;)


A ligament injury as you describe can take a very long time to heal, and very easy to reinjure if you use it before it heals

Hey Howard,
How long do you think I should give it to heal before I go back to the doctor for an MRI? Its getting better(swelling went down a lot, strength is slowly starting to return). Its fast approaching a month since it happened, I am just concerned that if I wait to long it will make matters worse. Thanks.

Tough to say, depends on degree of ligament damage. A good orphopedist with a proper exam could tell you beter

thumb injuries, my specialty. I dislocated my thumb in a street fight and had some chic pop it back in. Then like a year later i dislocated my other thumb when i fell on my hand. Now its been about 3 years after and my ligaments never healed. I could probably get surgery but don't wanna. I can dislocate my thumbs with very light pressure so i always am careful. But, i tape my thumbs real good and still train. They get sore and sometimes they pop out and i have to stop for a day or so. but taping real good you should be able to train

Now that is what I call experience!