Thunder Delgado did fight in Pride

I did a bit of research and found that Thunder really did fight in Pride like Manny said.

According to published accounts of the 1997 San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, Emilio "Assleak Thunder" Delgado was involved in a scuffle with "The Leather Whips", a gang of transgender midgets known for public readings of their homoerotic poetry. Apparently, Assleak Thunder was provoked by a line of poetry quoted by one of the midgets. The line read, "Wherever there is thunder, there are boys lined up to give it to him good."

Assleak Thunder could not be reached for comment, and his boyfriend Manny "Hairless Sweetcheeks" Reyes only offered that he never really learned how to grapple until he met Assleak.

Sugardaddy Pops Krasnoo was also unavailable for comment.

once again, andre's vast collection of homosexual literature comes to the rescue.

They always come in handy when I need to prove or dispel a rumor...or on lonely nights.


Assleaks thought he was back on his "Gay Pride" forum. Wrong forum assleaks. We're talking MMA here ( real fighting). Assleaks! You and lil' Manny should move to San Fran, where you could teach your Gay-itsu!


 * Thunder by assrape 1:30 rd #1

This shit keeps getting better and better.