Thunderkick VS Mad Dog Aug 26 @ Xtreme Fight Night

I'm there, Hopefully with one of my own, Josh Waisner has been pretty busy in the gym, I have alot of faith, time invested in him. A no name fighter, but has put allot of time training in past 6. Months..who knows? We'll see.. Phone Post

I know Macias is a tough guy, but as a T-Kick fan I want to see him in some crazy exciting fights against people closer to his level. It looks like Anthony's chin is shot. I don't see anyway he makes it out of this without being clean KO'd. Phone Post

On his next fight I know a guy from okc that wants to fight him. He's fought a lot in the Xfl. Got some ko's too. Phone Post

Lol. You pay for crap and you will continue to get it. Phone Post

 That's what I used to tell my Johns when I was man-hooking.

That must be why there are less than 700 tickets remaining and they havn't even gone on sale yet ;-)

After losing money on the Bader vs. Ortiz fight.... Don't count out the old broke down guys.

I can't see this one having that same outcome though. Phone Post

Who should Trey Houston, Levi Avera and Dylan Smith fight? 

A three-man tag team match against some losers from OKC!

Levi and Dylan should fight each other. Phone Post

AnthonySullivan -  Of course we're all a bunch of retards.  We said Ryan Lopez was the worst choice for a main event and he proved us all wrong.

You damn sure got me on that one.

pillbottle - Levi and Dylan should fight each other. Phone Post

Levi now campaigning at 185lbs

I agree with the 3-Man Tag action.... Let's put them in a match with Nasty Nate, Cardmone, and Jason Anderson. It could be the first ever OKUG Lumberjack Match.

For added Ladder Match flavor, let's suspend Cardmones fight Tapes above the ring.

(all OKUG members allowed to bring leather straps) Phone Post

LOL! A 5151 combat league and FLOD [fighting league of death] co-promotion!

 Very ruff draft



 Jesus Tittyfucking Christ! You only need to hit the post button ONE FUCKING TIME.

Have a little patience for Pete's sake!

What's Piet got to do with it...?