Thus Sayeth the Lord:

I am the way the Truth and the Light. No man cometh to the Father but by Me (Jesus Christ)

Turn from your idolitrous ways, and seek the one true God (The Prophets)

Be ye kind one to another (Jesus)

Hi KKM (mkirk1)

I am merely transcribing what the book says... either believe it's the word of God and live by it, or don't and suffer.

In Jerimiah it says "Search the heavans... have you found any Gods other than ME. NO, not one. Why would you worship someone other than me?"

As for God being "petty" it's not petty that he whants His creation to agknowledge His exsistence. The Law if you would read it, is not given to torure the people, but to keep them from hurting themselves. Grace likewise not an excuse to run amuk, but aknowledgement that all have sinned anf fell short of the groly of God (all have broken the law)