Thy changed the link

I can’t even find this place anymore unless I log into Google.

Crazy. I wonder if they will fix these issues or lose people. The harder it is the more people will lose interest

I don’t understand what you mean? The main website has a link to the forums, the old links ( and both redirect here?

As a person in IT I’ve enjoyed seeing all of these grievances aired out. It let’s me know that all the questions that come after an upgrade at work are not for my lack of preparation and communication. It’s because a broad enough segment of the user base is simply retarded.


It’s astounding
It does however emphasize the need for clear communications. I didn’t test drive the demo site before the switch, so could have missed a bunch, but there could have been better or easier to find tutorials for key settings. It would quiet down at least some of the more moderately retarded who can still follow instructions if they are pushed in their faces.

The whinging seems the exact same as last time the forum switched, but with more volume (more retards) or slightly different detail.

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they will lose more than half

I still type “” because it’s faster. And that still directs me here.

OP is an idiot faggot.


How please were you finding the site before the change? Was it a bookmarked url? If so, what was it?


Me too. MMA.TV is such an awesome, concise web address. I’ve also had no problems at all finding it, and just a bit of acclimation dealing with the learning curve.

Some fuckers will bitch and moan about any changes of any sort.

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Am I missing something? The site is awful since the update. I can’t navigate around at all. Plus the app is broken.

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My old bookmarked url says the page doesn’t exist anymore but thats pretty damn easy to update

You might as well have wrote, “Your dumb”.

Your dumb what? :grin: