Ticket question

My buddies and I are planning a trip to Vegas for overeem dos antis. I havnt been to an event in Vegas since Lesnar/couture. What can we expect for a ballpark ticket price?? Phone Post

Should be more specific. Looking for upper section cheapo's. Thx UG Phone Post

You need to get the UFC Fight Club to even have a chance at snagging the reasonably priced tickets, and even then you gotta be on the ball and ready to order the second they go on sale.  Parasites basically buy all the cheap seats and immediately put them for sale on Stubhub for double or triple the price.

Scalping tickets on street corners = illegal.  Scalping tickets online = legal.

If you can get in before the scalpers you can get tickets for below $100 after all the fees and stuff.  Otherwise you're over a barrel.


Got fightclub from last June in Van. Good advice thanks. Phone Post