I'm looking into prices for flights to Brazil(Rio)...but am wondering whether it's better to purchase online or through a travel agency. I've never really flown overseas before...just hoping to get some feedback from those who have.....any suggestions?

Shop around, do a google search...

Price it out on each website, then call a travel agency or two and compare your results! :)

IS Brazil overseas?

Where do you live again?

I'm from Canada. I've been searching around on Google and the quotes I've been getting have been pretty steep. Haven't gone to a travel agency there much difference in price? What's your experience been?

Were do u live Lady? sometimes is worth it driving to the States and hop in a plane there. Last time i went to Brazil a flight leaving Winnipeg to Rio cost 1300.00cdn, i got a flight leaving Minneapolis thru Delta for 550US return, way cheaper!

Ok, you need to go to and then e-mail Fateh at because he has family who are in the travel industry and can help you with this question.

RMundruca: I live in Edmonton, AB. Hmmm..I like your 'flighting out of somehwere else' idea...... I would totally drive to a difference city if it ended up saving me money!! Perhaps I will have to go and speak with a travel agent to get some concrete prices for different flights out of different cities..

Dougie: Thanks for the referral! I just emailed him..hopefully he'll have some great, less expensive, advice for me!

When l asked where are you from l figured you realized l know you were in Canada. Considering this is the Canadian Forum

What l would do is go to a discount flight place get a price then shop around and then go back with the best price and they will likely match it!

Lady Die,

go to different travel agencies. ask your friends relatives where they purchase their plane tickets. they might know that one agent that will get you a deal. maybe someone got a cheap vacation package from someone? some travel agencies offer discounts for students. with the cost of gas these days, driving to the states will cost you as much as getting on the plane. pick up the yellow pages and call 2,3 places ask and then you'll get a better understanding about your options ... make sure you don't have to change airports, it's a hassle.


The States Idea is the Cheapest but like softspot said too much hassle (unless you have an easy way to get to N.Y. city or Florida). I was going to do this but it was only going to save me like $50.

I looked around and the cheapest travel agent was
1 (888) 967-5355

I noticed that the price is usually around $900-950 CAD + TAX for 1 ticket return to Rio.

Call around.

travel agencies and internet can vary in prices by as much as $2000 US. When I was shopping for flights I found tickets for as high as $4000 and as low as $1500 (I went with the cheaper one of course). Try Travel Cuts, they seemed to be pretty reasonable and shopped around for me for the lowest fares. Also, if you're under 26 you can get a student card and get a discount. Just talk to them about it. I don, t have a phone # for you, just look in the phone book.


I am a corporate travel agent in Montreal.
I would need to know where in Canada you live to tell you how much it would cost you. you should never have to pay over 1100 or so however. Sometimes less obviously but never over that. It depends a lot on the season in which you travel as well as how far in advance you are booking and the duration of your stay.


Thanks guys, I appreciate your suggestions :)

I'm interested in a return flight from Edmonton, AB. Flying out approx. July 9th...coming back Aug. 2nd. Buying my ticket early enough in advance so that I am still able to get a better deal was exactly what I was concerned about. Tammy, would there be a significant price difference, say if I were to purchase one now..or one in a month from now? What do you think?


Lady Die- I have just returned from 6 months in Brazil and paid 900$+tax for a round trip ticket to Sao Paulo with Air Canada. The ticket was also 1year open-ended, meaning I could change my return date as many times as I wanted for a nominal fee. Sao Paulo is the cheapest place to fly to in all of S. America, so it is probably best to fly there and then bus to wherever your destination is- the buses in Brazil are amazing- movies, lunches etc. and super cheap. If you are going to do mma training of any kind, you must go to copacabana, rio. This place simply breathes mma- everyone trains in something and all the schools are very welcoming and unreasonably cheap. If you need any questions, just haller back. Ty

For the dates you want-I looked up some fares and the cheapest I could find is 1400+tax. If you're a student, you can get great rates through travelcuts...if you agree to travel out of peak season like I'll pay MUCH less.
Normally out of Montreal for my friends I get about 900. Out of're paying through the nose.
As for when to book...if you travel in peak season as you are...don't wait as space will dissapear. I am actually leaving for Brazil next Friday for a month and luckily there was space...but it was beginning to sell out. You pay for peace of mind during high season

1400 + tax is very reasonable (from edmonton)

I paid 1320 from toronto, last minute ... if you can avoid the O'Hare even better as the weather in Chicago tends to have its own agenda.Good Luck.


Canapara, are you talking 900US? ..that would be a good deal. I'm not even going to ask if it's Canadian..cause that would only be too good to be true. I needs to get me a good deal. Not enough money. Must go to Brazil.

Yah, Rio is where I plan to be when I DO go. Were you training when you were there? I plan to go there to train..I'm going with about 5 others from my dojo. I just need to shop around. Hey Tammy...what if there are 6 of us in total that are flying out? If we purchase tickets together..does that reduce the price at all?

BEst quote so far..........1594.00 CAD (including tax)

Bought my ticket on Friday, April 30!!!!!!  YAY!!! 
Purchased from The Flight Centre for $1485.00 including tax.  I definately recommend this place to anyone.  They will give you a lower price NO MATTER WHAT - even if it's only by 20 dollars.   It's in their slogan, so it's their policy.  Thanks Pinky- good suggestion.

A place I don't recommend-  Airline Ticket Centre.  Didn't like the service I got from them.  Shady business, very conniving.  They actually went OUT of their way to inconvenience me because I chose to purchase from a different vendor.

Ive dealt/purchased from flight centre a couple of times and been happy with the service and price ... they arent always the cheapest, but ive found they are probably one of the best travel agents.