Tiger Schulmann Name Change

The end is nigh. The era of the MMA McDojo is here.

They are no longer "Tiger Schulmann's Karate".

They are "Tiger Schulmann's Mixed Martial Arts".

I heard the commercial this morning. On their website

oh fucking a.

someone needs to go down there and challenge em. who runs their program

Ya know I was gonna make a thread about this this morning as I was listening to O&A on the radio and they did a live read for this commercial. I was like "WTF???"

CUO, although TSK is run like a McDojo (Long contracts & 9 year olds) some of the fighters that TSK produces do pretty well in local shows from what I understand.

Not to interrupt the hate-fest, but while I've heard the school is filled with douchebags, they've competed pretty successfully at grappling tournaments for years now and produced some legit fighters like Laura D'Auguste.

and who are teaching their grappling courses?

I got no dog in this fight, but I find it funny that a couple years ago people were complaining that he called his stuff karate while his guys were clearly doing grappling and MMA (and doing pretty well), which, so the complaint went, misrepresented karate.

Now he says he's MMA and people are feaking out over that....! I just hope these are different people.

I heard that Tiger Schulman's has a couple of really good guys fighting. Anyone here one of them or KNOW any?

I think there's some comp footage floating around somewhere

a bunch fight in Lou Neglias events.

also Mike Stine from TUF 3 trained at TSK.

THe gut reaction is to poo-poo the school and dismiss it as worthless, but I can say, having seen their team fight, that its pretty tough to tell them apart from anyone else...


This is the first sign of the apocalypse.

A TSK (TSMMA?) guy won a match at Ed Hsu's Combat in the Cage IV Evolutions show in Asbury Park, NJ - his striking looked good. The constant chant of TSK, TSK during the fight made everyone else in the audience want to see him getted knocked out though... are they going to change their chant as well?


Good job, no reason why a chain dojo can't be progressive.  This is the way most schools are going btw, large national or regional franchises that have mixed martial arts programs...the only thing people need to aware of is the difference between mixed martial arts and competitive mixed martial arts.

CUO I'd like to invite you to come down. I teach the grappling class at TSK on Mondays.


In fairness, what they do at Tiger Schulman is MMA and not just karate.

The program is spit evenly between grappling, Kick boxing and striking

There are a lot of tools there, but it's definitely not just a karate school.

Best TSK commercial EVA IMO. :)

Why knock it. It sounds to me like they are least teaching legit stuff. I would rather a friend or family member go there than some kung fu or TKD school.....

in that case, mr mclaughlin, can i do a rubberguard seminar for 600 bucks plus flight and stay

I actually teach a lot of rubber guard myself, maybe you'll change your tune about TSK fighters when one of them hits a triangle off the meat hook.