Tiger Woods 2004

Does anyone have any cheats for the PC version of this excellent game?

Finished the career mode over Christmas and unlocked everything in the Pro-Shop. But have since reinstalled Windows on a new disk, and all my TW progress has gone. Can't be arsed redoing the Career mode, and am wondering if its possible to unlock everything through a cheat mode?

Have found some passwords on the net, but it doesnt mention how you type them in, and I think they might be for the console versions, not the PC.


I tried to get the cheats to work at one point but I never could find out where to enter them. You can easily find them with a google search on Tiger Woods 2004 PC cheats.

THEKICTHENSINK in all caps was one I believe, but again couldnt get it to work. Tiger should say Oh Yeah when its enabled.

If you figure it out, please post how you did it here if you can.

try www.gamewinners.com

am trying gamewinners. Damn, it's the slowest site I've ever seen.