Tiger Woods in bad accident...

I fully admit it is pure speculation wondering if he was under the influence. His history does make one wonder. Especially since they said he hit the accelerator instead of the brakes. Something someone could do but is more likely to happen if they are doped up and not in their right mind.

But it is certainly in the realm of possibility he was just going way too fast for whatever reason and lost control and decided to slam on the accelerator instead of the brakes.

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Dude stop being a cop for a second. Holy shit.

Speculation is what we do on the OG :rofl:

And arguing against those speculative counter points is also what we do on the OG so I’d say LakerUp is just doing what any good OG’er should be doing lol

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I agree but throwing out “don’t frame it that way…” is silly. That’s what we do.

He’s a fucking scumbag who gets away with murder because a bunch of white dudes like how he hits a ball.

He deserves all of this. He has nobody to blame but himself.

Agreed! Thanks


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I appreciate your expertise and I hear you. That said I have been run up and dont understand how nothing happens to Tiger when I know people that got tickets and crash points have been run up. I also think it odd that Alex V made a Determination the day of the crash and then got a search warrant only after media pressed. Not a good look. However I appreciate the debate and your explanation. Peace brother

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Nothing happened to my ex girlfriend after totaling her car drunk and she isn’t a celebrity.

It happens…

She had tits though didn’t she??? Lol