Tigerbalm this weekend

Hi guys,
Can anyone direct me to a site where I can get more info on event times and registration for the Women's Division of BJJ at the Tigerblams this weekend in Vancouver?
Any info is appreciated.
Much thanks,


Using Tigerbalm while grappling is not such a good
idea - if it get's in yur eyes.....ouch.

Do not scratch your nutz after using tigerbalm. I put it on my leg once and then while attempting to scratch myself in my best manly fashion my eyes bugged out and I dropped to the floor in a fetal position because my nutz felt like they were on fire.

Thinking, fire bad, nutz good, I managed to crawl to the shower hoping to douse the pain and wash it off.

Water makes it even hotter.

So I laid there in the shower, with the water running, in a fetal position, until the dog finally realized I wasn't playing and went and got my Wife.

One of the worst days of my life.

Dougie is oh so correct!

Dougie that post just made my day fuckin hilarious

It happened to me once, i sprained my groin area and put some tigerbalm near and when i started walking it started itching like hell!!!!!


hows everyone doing

**singing softly while working**

...'cause this is thillerrrrr...thiller night...dum dee dum dee dum dum...