Tight single on one knee

I've heard it many times that you should usually try to stand up immediately after shooting a double or a single. You don't want to be stuck on your knees. However, for some reason, it seems to be working better for me lately, in my submission grappling classes at least, to execute my single leg attacks as follows:

Snatch one leg with both arms (maybe from an underhook), standing to the side of him instead of in front of him, drive my forehead into his ribs to offbalance him if I can, DROP my inside knee to the mat between my opponent's legs, circle my head to the outside of his hip, hug his leg very tight to me with both arms, stay very upright, release his leg with my inside arm, grab his other leg, and then either

a) take him backwards (from my perspective) and sideways by pivoting on my knee and pushing sideways with my head as I look up and lean back and to the side


b) take him forwards (from my perspective) by wrapping my leg around the outside of his leg and driving straight into him.

So essentially, I look to hug one of his legs very close to me as I am beneath him on one knee and one foot. From there, I have those two options, at least. It seems to be easier to get this extremly close to a leg if you get down on one knee. But I'm not sure if I'm correct about this.

This tactic seems to be working well for me, especially against much bigger guys against whom I find very hard to stand up after a shot. Note that all I want is to take the two of us to the ground, since this is submission grappling. I don't really care how we get there, although I prefer ending up on top.

What do you guys think about this tactic?



not sure but I was told the same stuff about singles and double. What you've described is that you've already gotten a single/double standing but when you run the pipe or go for your takedown, you drop a knee to get more leverage (I'm only guessing). That sounds fine to me.

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CHIP! Where have you been, dude??!! Any comments?

Chip (unfortunately for us) is away doing job training for a while. I haven't been able to chat with him much, but I'm sure he will itching to answer some questions upon his glorious return. Maybe we should make an "Ask Chip" thread, and use that to store all our pent up technique questions until he gets back? Or one of those other elusive experts (Todd?) will have to pick up the slack!

ttt for other coaches!

Maybe the fallacy is that I'm assuming that I will always be able to grab the other leg after I grab the first leg. If I can't reach his second leg after I do my single leg shot (maybe set up as a swing single or a high crotch), it's probably best to stand up with a high, head on the outside single. But if I can grab the other leg for a double, I often like finishes better that involve me NOT standing up, as I'm not that strong.

Chip! :)



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JP, I really just read your post for the first time, as I know you were hoping for Chip or an actual wrestling expert to answer. But as Senor Cochran is still away, and no one else has come forward, here's my .02:

Sounds like what you're dropping from a high head inside single position into a head outside double position, then finishing with either a standard drive to the side motion or a "crackback"/"run the pipe" motion, depending on what he does. Nothing wrong with that at all, especially if your experience is telling you it's working!

The only thing I would suggest is, when you go to finish your double by driving him to an angle and clearing his legs to the side, that you get BACK up on your feet and make like a sprinter. I know, you're thinking "I was just up on my feet, then I got down to my knee, why do I want to get back up on my feet again." It's a lot of effort for lazy bones like us, but worth it when you run into someone really good. Just leaning on him from your knees will work against some guys, sprinting will work against the tougher ones.

You are always quicker and more powerful on your feet, and should be able to move forward faster than your opponent can move backward if you're blocking him off right.

Thanks Jeff. I had kind of figured out that answer already, but your answer was very good still.

Maybe my problem was mostly that for my standing head inside single, I wasn't pushing into my opponent's stomach enough with my head (I was just leaning forwards onto his thigh) - and for my standing double leg, I was trying to grab both his calves instead of grabbing his thigh and hip.

"Just leaning on him from your knees will work against some guys, sprinting will work against the tougher ones".

Ahh, note that I'm not just leaning on the guy from the double leg position, I'm doing an outer trip.

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