Tijuana - where to eat???

Any OGers have recommendations on restaurants/good food in TJ? Phone Post 3.0

San Diego. Phone Post 3.0

pfsjkd - San Diego. Phone Post 3.0

came to post this

It depends, do you want cat or dog? Phone Post 3.0

Go down to Puerto Nuevo and get a lobster feast Phone Post 3.0

Adelita's...wear a dental dam.

RubberFistofFury - Go down to Puerto Nuevo and get a lobster feast Phone Post 3.0
Just went about 2 months ago for the first time in about 10 years, Villa Ortega no can defend. Phone Post 3.0

I like Lion Fish a lot. Its a block south of plaza rio across from banco santander. Los arcos is also really good.

If you like brazillian bbq, pampas is cheap compaired to the US and good.

Tacos..do tacos franc across from mercado hildalgo or you can go to the original one in playas.

Give lion fish a shot. Youll like it. Get the taco where they do marinated shrimp inside the green chile. Phone Post 3.0

JakeThaGr8 - 16 year old pussy.... I mean 18 year old Phone Post 3.0
And he meant boy ass* Phone Post 3.0

Jimmersonz knows all the spot.

Not to derail but does anyone have a link to the full vid of Tony da Tiger launching at that Elephant taxi driver? Poor elephant got slapped on the head for something the driver must've said. Phone Post 3.0

Plaza Monarca, Blvrd Manuel Jesús Clouthier, Lago Sur, 22217 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

Nabrassa Brazilian steak house Phone Post 3.0

Tacos el Frank next to Costco soon as you cross the border..... Phone Post 3.0

MMA Playwright -

Where's the rest of this? Better yet where's the rest of that guy? Phone Post 3.0

Saturday morning you got to find some Birria Phone Post 3.0

Heading down to rosarito in a couple hours. Phone Post 3.0

Peanuts and Beer.

I'll probably hit Caesars next time I go. Phone Post 3.0

In love me some Tijuana and San Diego I usually go there every couple years or so. Planning on going in August

Go to a place called Hong Kong

Amazing world renown brothel Phone Post 3.0