Tiki kick some ass!

Tiki best of luck from LA Boxing

Shit I thought I was the only Tiki fan on the forum

What's hi record? 1-4?

Tiki has the tools... I think he will win. He deserves some credit as his record is good. So he has had some bad luck in the UFC against the best. He is not B level IMO....he should have beat Lawler. Would match up well against Spratt.

lol@Big Pun

With wins over Jason Maxwell, Paul Rodriguez, Kit Cope (who, although he is not a top MMA fighter ... he is a very tough thai guy), and Ron Jhun ... I think I have to say Tiki is a bit better than a B level guy. I would not put him in the top 10, no way ... but he's formidable, no doubt about it.

"all B level guys"

And he beat them!

He's good, but no way does he belong in the UFC with an 0-3 record there. Not unless he get's a major win elsewhere. It helps to have friends in high places I guess.

"Shit I thought I was the only Tiki fan on the forum"

your forgetting Dana

Lawler destroyed him at ufc 40

Chief Wiggum is trolling, and when did he beat Jhun? I just can't see that happening... Details please, for the Barry Horowitz of the UFC...

he beats EVERYBODY outside of the ufc, but his three losses in the ufc were all to outstanding guys.

lawler who can ko many, sherk who can slam many (dislocated tikis shoulder) and bob cook, which was a GREAT fight.

its not like he just gets killed with no skills.

and yes, he beat jhun.

Well, props then, Jhun is a tough dude, maybe he should fight in some SUperbrawls or KOTC, though.
ANd I knew his UFC opponents were tough.

"xplain why he isn't B level, because his record shows he's lucky to not be considered C level"

That could not be anymore true.