Till goes Instagram live with chimaev. Pulls knife

Waving knife, not a good look.

Wandering around nightclubs picking fights with untrained amateurs just to look big, also not a good look.

They’re both scum.

If you lived here, you’d know all about Monsieur Till.

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Yes some have seen many girls knife fight in school with just the teachers breaking up the fight. LOL

Go read the Quran.

Never go full retard.

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Lmao that was one of the funniest and strangest things I’ve ever seen. Dude just randomly flashes a knife mid sentence.

Till is so good for fight entertainment!

Lolllllll this poster is such a twit. Perhaps the fact he is a supporter of ISIS? You sandrat goof! I suppose all their views are innocent though? Eye roll

Why so hostile?

I asked for evidence to backup the claim. If it is true that he is an ISIS supporter, I’m surprised I haven’t seen it covered.

I’d imagine you made that up since you’re a good for nothing mouth breather piece of shit.

Lol at a filthy rag head calling others pieces of shit.

Roe, You are literally the color shit and follow the shit stain pedo prophet.

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Hostile? I was laughing at you…I always am you sand rat.

Yes Roe you are a delusional person, look whose behavior you are trying to excuse? A hardline radical Islamist this dude doesn’t care when Beirut gets blown up, or Colombo on Easter or Ariana Grande concerts in the UK. He fucking loves it he’s an Islamist and like Khabib wants Macron dead. It’s so easy to look into these dogs that are on Kadyrov / Ali leash yet you are such a demented piece of shit you see no issues…

As you peer over some 9 year old girl thinking she would make a great bride you Islamist supporting rat.

You’re a sandrat and you and your people are the sick of this world. The peace increases the less of you that are alive. Realize in this world you’re just a guest and time has run out for the pig thing so promptly kill yourself sandrat.

Now I’m brown and a filthy rag head. Got it.

@Kirik Here is a thread where there is open racism.

I simply asked for evidence of Chimaev being a “radical”.


@Kirik @Chris


Typical little sandrat Islamist / leftist entitled rat pig subhuman.

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When did Islam become a race?

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Exactly but he’s an Islamist/leftist facist cuck. Smearing people over a keyboard is the best he can do. Physically speaking he couldn’t do anything to anyone other than young women or children. Islamists are the weakest excuses of “men” walking.

And they fuck goats.

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You’re such a mouth breathing trick ass little ho. I’d slap the shit outta you boy.

You’re so fucking delusional you can’t even provide one piece of evidence of Chimaev’s supposed support for the claims you make.

Even when I agree he’s a piece of shit IF there is eveidence of his support for IsiS, you can’t handle it. Why?

Let me try to explain

You grew up in Canada. The latest in a line of dim wits known as your family clan. Had every opportunity at your fingertips…after all, you grew up in Western Canada and opportunity was plentiful.

You didn’t do shit with your opportunities. Meanwhile, in your words, “ragheads” and Asians took over the greater BC area. How? Through hard work and discipline.

Go be bitter you little ho. I hope you’re banned since you only seem to care about putting down Islam.

Get a grip you bitch. I cannot stand the religion of Islam myself. Yet, I don’t go around flapping my gums about it in every thread.


Uhhh… waving a fucking knife at someone during an otherwise normal adult conversation?

Lol yes can we get a picture of Roe’s beloved wife from atop the cliffs the billy goat whore.