Tilt on ESPN

Has anyone seen this or heard about it? Any good?

I just got an email about it and it looks pretty decent to me, i have to try and find out whether it will air on ESPN australia.

peep the link http://www.espn-tilt.com/

It's garbage. But I watch it because anything in Hi def is key. And I hope it gets better. I'm like a battered spouse.

man thats dissapointing. When I saw that it was written by the guys who wrote Rounders, my expectation levels went up.

I'm sure i'll watch it anyway, if we even get it down here.

agreed. it is pretty stupid but i'll keep watching it anyways 'cause i'm stupid too.

l liked it when the one guy said he want to go heads up aginst the other guy like rocky and the other guy at the end of the movie rocky 2 that was awsome thanks bob

good point bobs...i hadn't even thought of that.

I think the series will be better after it's released on DVD and you can watch it from start to finish.