Tim Boetsch vs. CB Dollaway

Up next... I got Boetsh


I got CB with the odds, think he might start to roll a bit

ill go with a sub

Come on, Boetsch! Phone Post

I picked Boetsch.

I got Dollaway. Boetsch isn't good.

Here comes the Redneck Judo

Nick dollaway Phone Post 3.0

Pure -

Here comes the Redneck Judo

Lol Phone Post 3.0

two very slow hitting and reacting MWs. I personally love it since there both landing.

I got Tim but CB looks more fluid and moving

CB looks good tonite

lol at Launchpad McQuack taunting like Nick Diaz

fuckin' K1 Dollaway!! nice!

curious ever since TRT was pretty much Banned Tim has looked different.

was he on it?

Man, I hope CB gets slept. Phone Post


Never noticed how much CB looks like Jacobear

Was there a bunch of trash talk from Tim prefight? CB it's especially arrogant in the first round Phone Post

CB Diaz

Dollaway is cocky as hell I hope boetsch comes back with the KO Phone Post 3.0