Tim Cartmell?

BJJ.org has him listed as a BJJ BB under Cleber. He's also trained in a
number of internal Chinese styles, stuff that many (most?) on this site
would consider ineffective.

I was just wondering if anybody here knows much about him or has
trained with him. What were your experiences? Obvioulsy, he's legit on
the mat; what are his skills like in other ranges of fighting? How is his
striking? Clinching/throwing? Just curious.



Wow. Sounds impressive.


I've never seen Tim's striking as well. His throwing, though, is way impressive. He gets serious air off his no-gi throws. And it's all Bagua! I trained with him once and he told me he once threw a guy in a no-gi tournament so hard the guy rolled all the way over and landed on his knees- and got awarded no points. If you look at his throws from a wrestling perspective, he uses a lot of snatch singles, trips and knee taps.

His BJJ is also very solid. His guard game is similar to what Mike Jen shows on his tapes. Climbing guard, a lot of redirection. He was tapping me every minute or so (I'm a blue belt under Roger Gracie. I was a white belt then, but I think he was being nice.).

Tim has won a few Copa Pacificas Master's at different belt levels. He's won a superfight at Copa Pacifica as well. If I recall correctly, he fought at Mundials, but I don't know how well he did.

You can check out his website at www.shenwu.com. A few clips of his BJJ fights.

And he's a nice guy! :)

He co-wrote the excellent Passing the Guard book from grappling-arts.net

Passing the Guard is the BEST book ever made for BJJ.  I always tell people it's better than a lot of VIDEOS out on the market.



Very nice guy with serious skills. For a person of his size, he did extremely well against some of the bigger guys at Cleber's back in the day. Last time I worked out with him (post black belt) he was just at a crazy level on the ground. HB is right about the guy. Insane balance and very technical and patient.

Wow, cool man. Can anyone tell me more about his striking/throwing?

Thanks much,


When I was just starting BJJ at Joe Moreira's in Newport Beach, Tim was also just starting. He was quiet, respectful, and a little bit older than the average student.

I didn't know anything about him when I was matched up with him to spar from standing. I remember confidently shutting down his first few leg sweeps before I found out the hard way that he was setting up an "effortless combat throw".

I landed flat on my back in front of the whole class to a chorus of "oooohs".

Sweet, lol.






I noticed that Tim has a new book out, on fighting from the guard, rather than passing it. Is it of the same amazingly high standard?