Tim Kennedy was an underrated fighter/wrestler

Kind of like a 185 lb Khabib albeit perhaps not as talented, none the less a very underrated wrestler in his own right who gave his opponents virtually no breathing room.

I don’t think he’s underrated at all. 

1800champagne -

I don’t think he’s underrated at all. 

Well that’s like your opinion man

Wasn’t he a top 5 fighter in his division at one point??

Seems like he was rated just right.

Yeah he was ranked in the top 5 after the Bisping fight he was rated correctly.

That smell test though

In before Steroids 

Kennedy is a true badass! How many dudes can say they are Green Berets and have fought MMA in the highest level?

Kennedy is a fighter in all facets of life, not just one one one combat. True leader and survivor. Nothing but love for him here, served his country at the highest level and fought the highest level fighters the world can offer. This guy is a true badass. And yes, he may be a bit underrated to the common fan, the hardcore know all about it tho. 

He wasn't underrated

He got handled by Mayhem and Rockhold, but other than that he had some decent wins against Bisping and Lawler 

His only fight post usada,  he looked like a completely different fighter. 

He is a heavy PED user