Tim Kennedy's botched Afghanistan publicity stunt/clown show

I remember being an Ironworker in the Bay Area during the 80’s. There were no phones on the working floor, and cell phones/computers/social media didn’t exist. When you arrived at a job site…you worked. No selfies, no FaceBook, no way for anyone to contact you.

You want a reputation? Work skilled and hard to earn it.

Now get off my lawn.


Why did Tim go back to Afghanistan, were there some children he needed to sharpshoot?

Good ole cheese dick on a troll roll today…


You’re thinking of the American sniper guy

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Come on bro, Im sure you train, what kind of question is that

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A hero in his own mind, the guy has always been the definition of the worst of the US military.

Have a look at Brain Stann to see the very best of the US military


I train like Derek apparently…

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No Im thinking about when Tim said something like he killed innocent kids but God is still proud of him.

I heard those were bad kids


They can be a real handful over there.

They act out alot from emotional issues due to the systemic gay rape they endured endorsed by Tim and other US Military personel.

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Playing devil’s advocate here…

We know there have been multiple privately-funded and organized missions of retired veterans going into Afghanistan and extracting their allies, since the government kinda shit the bed.

With different private teams going in there, isn’t it possible/plausible they are not all on the same page?

Feels like a situation that would be rife with miscommunication.

I doubt Tim Kennedy was picking up random Afghans and bringing them to the airport as has been alleged (and Kennedy’s explanation seems reasonable).

I do think being an influencer/brand along with an elite soldier kinda muddied things a bit, since he prob. should have gone the quiet professional route until he was back home.

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Every operation tends to be much more effective/successful if you first integrate a well-planned system behind it. That’s a life rule. It’s all about starting with a solid foundation.

Or guys like Zeke Durham and Rudy Reyes, true badasses and decent human beings.

I used to like Tim. However the more this guys talks and get to know him, the more of a dick this seems to be. And come to think of it, no vet or retired SF guys I know have a good opinion of him.
Congrats on your black belt, you’re still a dick.

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Kennedy is a modern day gladiator.
Are you not entertained?

He is building all the right photo ops … he going into politics?

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Always baffles me guys who just automatically get all hurt when you dare criticise someone who was in the Military. Plenty of great human beings in the Military, and plenty of low IQ dicks who went into it to either be the big man, or because they had no other options in life. Quite obvious which side Tim falls, the way he flys his own flag as an American Hero shows all you need to know about his own self esteem. True heroes don’t tend to put themselves out there as such

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He was actually given a list of people to save.


Didn’t Rudy Reyes kick some handicapped kid off of him and just left him with a bunch of dead people? If that’s your definition of decent…

Tim is a damn hero and the type of gladiator that keyboard warriors wish they were.