Tim Lajcik Seminar @ Planet JJ 3/9

Planet Jiu-Jitsu in Florham Park, NJ is proud to be hosting a Tim Lajcik seminar on Tuesday March 9th from 7-10pm.

This workshop will be covering both No-Gi BJJ as well as MMA concepts.

Cost is only $25 per person if you reserve your spot by 3/2.

Space is limited so do not delay. Only 18 per night will be able to attend.

If we fill this night up, a second night of training can be added for Wed. 3/10 as well. Discounts will be given if you would like to attend both nights.

Private lessons with Tim can also be arranged.

www.planetjj.com for more info and directions to Planet Jiu-Jitsu

Contact Jeff Miller to sign up planetjj@optonline.net

Really looking forward to it. Thanks, Jeff.


Tim did you buy a computer?

No, luckily I have friends.

A little off subject Tim but at least this thread will stay at the top.

Did you ever get the video of "Rumble in Rosevile" from Kevin?

No, he said he'd send it, but it never came.

TTT for Tim




TTT for PlanetJJ and Tim. A potent combination.

Jeff what's up man?

can't come, so don't ask. i'm in the process of opeining up a kick ass facility.

oh, by the way, this is my new name. it's kosta.

ttt for Planet Jiu Jitsu.....awesome guys!



Can't wait til your new place is open, will have to bring up my guys to train sometime soon. Don't worry, I will leave Big Rich home..:)

he can come, he just can keep me ina standing gullotine anymore. and he has to cut down to 150. If that happens, ZUFFA MAKE IT HAPPEN.

yeah, you guys would be welcome. we could crosstrain each other for our competition teams, fight team. different sparring partners and body types.

Big Rich couldnt make 150 if we cut off his arms and legs



oh well then. looks like he is ducking me then.

i could always go on the crisco and cheese diet and try and work up in weight. too bad i'll be fat if so, and he'll be muscle. his calve is as big as my head.

haha...jeff i'll def be there. cya tonight. ttt

a few spots left on tuesday

contact me asap before 3/2 for the discounted price