Tim Lajcik Tames the Beast

I know all you guys are going to call bullshit on me, but this needs to be said. Tim was staying at my house this weekend in South Florida. After he did a wrestling seminar for some of the kids I coach Saturday morning, Tim told me he had always wanted to see the Everglades. For those of you familiar with South Florida, I live in Western Broward County. The 'Glades are less than 2 miles from my house. I took Tim, myself, and my dog out to Loxahatchee Road. If you follow Lox Road west, you come to a guard gate, and then a walking path that leads out into the 'Glades. The path is about as wide as one and a half lanes on a road. There is no fence or anything that would stop an animal from coming out of the water at you. Tim and I had walked about 2 miles out into the 'Glades on this path, and my dog had been running up and down by the water and checking stuff out. We had seen about 4 smaller alligators, all about 4 and a half feet long or so. At about 5:45 in the afternoon, an alligator came out of the water and started to stalk my dog. My dog being the dumbass she is, ran into the water to get away from it. The gator went in, and the water was about 2 feet dep or so. I freaked out because I thought my dog was going to get killed. Tim saw what was going on, and actually attacked the gator! This thing was about 9 feet long. Grnated, I could have had the same feeling people get when they stare down the barrel of a .22, and they tell the cops it was a .45, but it looked freakin' monstrous to me! All I saw was Tim on it's back hitting it on the top of the head. The gator started to roll and stuff, and Tim held on. My dog came running out of the water, and I grabbed her. Tim kind of wrestled the beast for about 30 or 40 seconds, then he jumped off of it's back. He landed in shallow water, and the gator tunred around and snapped one time. It then took off into deeper water and left us alone. My dog is alive today thanks to Tim Lajcik. Tim is my hero. After seeing this happen, I can't imagine a human being that Tim cannot conquer in a test of power and skill. I am in a state of shock about this right now. If I had not been there, I would not believe it.


LOL holy fuck, way to go TIM!!

Dude....it was nutty.

A badasser story i have yet to hear.

TTT for Tim the dog saving, alligator fighting, hero!



Does it make him a.....Mastergator?

(Don't try this at home kids! LOL) Holy shit. Tim is lucky, an 8-9 footer can really mess someone up. Glad your dog is ok.

Obviously his new nickname is Tim 'Gator' Lajcik.

Could you imagine the legendary status Tim would have if this was caught on tape?

TTT for Tim and the safe puppy!

I wouldnt be surprised if Tim was shoving his chin into the alligators eye socket to conquer the beast.


He's on his way here now...

Tim is a BAD ASS

Rad. New nicknname it is.


Props to Tim.

Wow! I'm glad I took notes from the seminar! In case I ever have to wrestle a gator.....BTW,it was a great seminar and I'm glad I attended, it was time well spent.

Awesome story...Tim is the man!!

Thank you Jove,
It was a pleasure having you with us. Hopefully in the future, Tim will be here and there won't be a hurricane to stop people's travel plans.

Guys, I auusre you this is no joke. Tim was awesome. He never even hesitated. I was frozen, and he saved my dog. I wish to god someone had this on tape. I almost didn't post this because I thought people would say I was full os $hit.


i will no longer make fun of his gnarly toe

lol huge props to Tim.