Tim McKenzie Checking in

I just want to stop by and thank everyone down at my new gym that helped me out in AZ Combat sports. Ray, Steve, Luke, Jesse, Drew and everyone else that pushed me to get ready for the fight.
Just want to say that I don't remember having a tuff fight go so easy from the Training Trevor and Todd Lally put me through. I just want to say 185 pounders look out I am getting new tools everyday. Expect a lot from this team in 06.



TTT for the wrecking machine. You'll be top 10 this year bro, keep training hard and quit giving me black eyes, you are fucking up my game with the ladies. C ya in the gym tonight bro.


I will be fighting May 12th in Stockton then June 3rd in Sonora

Tell BabyBear to holla at me on myspace. If ya dont know who that is ..ask
Jesse. He will point him out.

any info on the fights in Stockton? I live in the bay area and would possibly try and check out the fight. thanks

Whats up. It's Zeb from Sonora, good fight, everyone around me was saying I was crazy for thinking you would win and that The Rhino was an animal. That guy is so overrated by the Lemoore fans. Anyways where do I get my Stockton tickets at?

When are you going to fight levens?

Levens vs Mckenzie would be a good one, Tim is only fighting at 185 now I think.

Maybe they could meet at a catch weight?

WEC set it up Levens vs Mckenzie.

Contact Christian. This is the fight a lot of people were saying was gonna be the final of the tournament before injuries and Scott Smith happened.

I was thining about catching the IFC April 1st in Sacramento. It says your on that card...

IFC United States Middleweight
Championship Fight (185lbs.) (5 x 5 min.)

Ryan JensenOmaha, NE185lbs/5'10"Team JennumTaijitsu
"The Wrecking Machine"Tim Mc KenzieStockton, CA185lbs/5'11"AZ Combat SportsKickboxing / Jiu Jitsu

Yes it does say that but I havent heard anything from the promoter about it. Well for stockton fight I will come back on here and post about where to get ticks because I will be selling them. And about Levens we will see what the wec says about it, but I am planning on just fighting at the 185lb weight class now. Thanks again for your support.
I will make it in to Solutions when I come back to town

I know that Jensen has been training to fight you!

Let's flood the wec forum for the McKenzie Levens fight.

Hermes Franca shared a dressing room with Tim at the recent WEC. We were all impressed with Tim, his demeanor, skills and ferocity in the cage. We are big fans...great guy and expecting to see quite a bit of him. Definitely a top talent.

Tim, feel free to visit us down in Florida whenever you like.

Team Armory