Tim S. was offered Fedor

Apparently Pride had offered Fedor to fight Tim on "The Real Deal" show but Tim turned it down?

Maybe Tim is scared "of that little shit" as he called Fedor in an interview.

Source: Pride press conference

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lol they cant just "give" them. im sure money is involved, no reason for those guys to take those fights if they dont get paid their normal purse

interesting how dana came out with this statement the day after the owner of pride went public in saying they were gonna come to the usa and take all of the ufc's belts back to japan. something doesn't add up.

Ugh brain candy, your wrong, and give a typical tuf newb response, pride has offered plenty of fighters to ufc, the reason they dont fight, is ufc wont pay the large purses.

Go do some research on the subject.

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so True

Offer was never made... would have to be done through UFC as it holds Tim's rights.

First off, yes, I'd imagine Chuck has balls the size of melons. You would too most likely if you had his chin and KO power.

Secondly, A.Silva is a UFC fighter now, and before that he was in ROTR, so I still kinda find it funny when people use him as a "Pride is better than UFC" arguement. Plus Leben isn't Franklin.

Thirdly, though I think Fedor would pound the f*ck outta Sylvia, I don't think Tim would turn down Fedor out of fear. I'm sure in Tim's own mind, he's 100% confident that he could take Fedor.

BTW, this announcement everyone keeps talking about from Dana....Didn't he just say it wasn't gauranteed, and that there were a lot of factors that could nix it? I don't believe he ever said it was canceled. Just that it's not a sure thing.