Tim Sylvia Interview....MMA Weekly

I thought he gave a great interview. I am really not sure why people dis him so badly. He trains hard, is thankful as hell to be with Miletich and appreciates everything he has achieved and takes none of it for granted.

Plus, he gave some good answers in this interview. I liked his responses to questions and liked the respect he showed for the other fighters...Couture, Herring and Cro Cop.

Listen to the archive of that interview from the radio show...Tim gives a new turkey call!

Give credit to the Maine-iac, he is better than people want to admit.

Haters are going to hate. That is just the way it is I guess.

Very classy interview by Tim Silvia.

I've always liked him, and I don't understand why would people hate on Heavywieght Champion, just becouse he is big.

here is the interview

TTT that is a pretty classy interview....


Three cheers for the Maine-iac!